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Courses/ Learning

The Praise Until Something Happens ( P.U.S.H.) Course


P.U.S.H. 1 

PUSH is a unique course where for nine months, worshippers will participate in remote dance classes and biblically based discussions about worship and arts best practices, life application, praise and prayer that results in their response to the Great Commission, Matthew 28: 18-20.  

P.U.S.H. 2

The PUSH 2 programme has been designed specifically for those who wish to have a deeper understanding of their calling in this ministry. Participants will be required to activate what they have learnt during PUSH 1 and apply it. They will also have an active role in the planning of a significant NLDNUK event or  


P.U.S.H. 3

The PUSH 3 programme is designed to be more challenging than PUSH 1 and 2, requiring self-discipline, self-learning, group-learning, and self-discovery. It will entail detailed additional teachings on dance in the Old and New Testament, The Key Principles in worship which includes teachings on The Tabernacle of Moses and David, Levitical Priesthood, Choreography, Dance Technique classes, identifying your spiritual gifts, and much more. 

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