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About National Liturgical Dance Network UK

The National Liturgical Dance Network was developed to provide organisational development and leadership training to Christians who participate in, lead or have a vision to begin liturgical dance ministries at their respective churches. It is designed: 

•    To help dance ministries best witness to the unsaved through dance, and to edify God’s Kingdom, by enhancing the praise and worship experience for the church universal.

•    To promote the development of an intimate relationship with God through praise & worship.
•    To share, encourage, edify and lift up dance ministers functioning in the body of Christ.
•    To provide ongoing training, support and resources for dance ministers that will help them continually mature as leaders over their respective ministries.
•    To transform people into leaders that can submit, support and complement the authority of their church and direct a group with authority, compassion, confidence and commitment.

Network Objectives

•    Unite those who minister in dance, across denominational barriers.
•    Build corporate and individual support for dance ministry leadership.
•    Help dance ministries develop necessary leadership skills to operate effectively and efficiently within the church with integrity, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
•    Provide spirit filled leadership that will set precedent, create a model and establish a standard for dance ministries.
•    Share the tools of effective dance ministry, including issues of integrity that cannot be compromised.

•    Engage in an exchange of ideas and information that would identify best practices in ministry leadership.

•    Foster relationships that will ultimately strengthen the body of Christ.

•    Promote praise and worship of God through dance for all congregants of the church.

Network Services

•    Facilitate meetings / services to incorporate Praise and Worship of God through dance.

•    Provide individual support for dance ministry leadership through practical training and counsel on a regular basis.
•    Facilitate workshops, seminars and conferences to help enable church leaders, dance ministers to develop and extend their understanding of liturgical dance.
•    Provide an opportunity to engage in an exchange of ideas and information that would identify best practices in ministry leadership.

Our Services
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