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Join the National Liturgical Dance Network UK

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Becoming a Network member enables individuals and groups to benefit from - and contribute to, the NLDNUK Mission & Objectives.

The network hosts various outreach events, activities including technique classes, meetings, conferences and celebrations to share God's Word, promote fellowship, spiritual enrichment - and fun! You will receive group/individual support, practical training, counsel and choreography that is ministered with other Network members throughout the world. There are also opportunities for networking, sharing and supporting each other which often produces many mutual benefits. The network also offers an online Biblical development programme and choreography classes via teleconference calls and live video streaming.

To find your local NLDNUK representative please send an e-mail to

To become a member:-


1. Complete this form, indicating that you have read and understood our Mission Statement and Subscription Letter.

2. Pay the ONE OFF new membership fee and select the membership plan that is right for you. Alternatively, you can also pay membership fees by completing and returning our Standing Order form to 

Please allow 2- 7 working days for membership requests to be completed. 

Apply Here

By ticking the following, I confirm that:- 

Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.

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