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On behalf of the NTCG (New Testament Church of God) Nottingham Liturgical Dance Ministry, I extend warm greetings to you.

It was in 2012 when I first met Dawn Benjamin - NLDNUK Director, who helped me to understand – and respond to, what I now know as ‘the calling’ which I had been placed in my heart for quite some time.  

Each team member has a story to tell about their journey so far – and how, over time, our passion to worship and glorify God through movement has brought us together - only God could have directed our steps in such a way to unite us for a time and a purpose as this!

Our commitment to continually develop our relationship with the Lord through prayer, fasting and devotion is central to this ministry. We’ve attended various workshops & conferences led by local and international facilitators - and through our team development days in 2013-14, we agreed the vision, goals and action plan. This process not only birthed the NTCG Liturgical dance ministry – but friendships have also blossomed within our team and the wider NLDNUK.  

On behalf of the team, words cannot express our gratitude to the NLDNUK – in particular Dawn Benjamin and Lillieth Miller (aka: our ‘spiritual midwives’), for the way they have lovingly nurtured and supported us individually - and collectively, as a team. Their service and leadership is exemplary…. we thank you.

May we also take this opportunity to thank Bishop Paul Thomas (NTCG Nottingham District), for sharing the liturgical dance vision, for hosting the ‘Dance the Word’ seminar (July 2013) and a ‘Praise & Worship Evening in Dance’ (Nov 2013), in partnership with the NLDNUK.  In 2014, Bishop Thomas conducted the Ministry dedication service, where, yet again, we had overwhelming support from the NLDNUK. 

We also extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who has supported / assisted us along the way.

God bless you.

Joanne Fletcher 

(NTCG Nottingham, Liturgical Dance Ministry - Team Co-ordinator)

  • To continually develop our relationship with the Lord

  • To continually develop our knowledge / understanding of liturgical dance and related aspects of worship.

  • To minister in line with the NLDNUK and NTCG Liturgical Dance Ministry vision & guidelines.

  • To work with the NLDNUK to support others to development their knowledge and understanding of liturgical dance and related aspects of worship.

  • To serve and minister in line with the principles of ‘working together as a team’

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