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Greetings to all, on behalf of the Derby Dance Ministry.

Our Ministry Team consists of five members (not forgetting our Youth representative) and was formed in 2012, with the much-needed guidance of Dawn Benjamin and close partnership with Joanne Fletcher (the Dance Leader for Nottingham New Testament Church of God, NTCG) and her dance members.

A member of our team attends the Kingdom Advance Network (KAN) Church in Burton on Trent. The remainder of the Team attend NTCG on Brighton Road, Derby, under the covering of Pastor Paul Gordon and his wife, Sister Mary Gordon. 

We have been blessed to join with other members of the Network to minister at events and workshops throughout England, as well as also being privileged to having hosted a dance ministry workshop, led by Tamie Roberto from USA.

NTCG, including several churches within the Derby and Burton area, have invited us to minister at local events such as coffee mornings, Women’s Ministry, Fundraising events, at Care Homes for the Elderly and joint ministering with the NTCG Team at District Conferences.

Following the ethos of the Network, we have endeavored to share its core principals. To this end, we have worked closely with members of local churches in Derby.  Our close collaboration with All Nations for Christ has resulted in the re-establishment of a dance group. Together, we minister at the quarterly Derby Christian Women's Network (DCWN) day of prayer and other local events.  All Nations are excited to be hosting the next ‘Reason for the Season’ event on 26 November 2016.

Derby Dance Ministry are humbly thankful to God for allowing us to be used in this awesome way, to spread the gospel.   We continually seek His guidance to ‘dance the Word’, for members of the Derby community and welcome the opportunity to work with other churches in this region and beyond.

Derby network rehearsals takes place on the last Friday of each month from 7.00pm – 8.30pm at New Testament Church of God, Alvaston, Derby, DE 24 8SZ. These sessions are used to rehearse the national and international dances for the network which will be ministered at future events.

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