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The National Liturgical Dance Network UK (NLDNUK) is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)
Registered Charity Number 1182829

About Us...

Welcome to the online home of national liturgical dance network uk.


The National Liturgical Dance Network was developed to provide organisational development and leadership training to Christians who participate in, lead or have a vision to begin liturgical dance ministries at their respective churches. It is designed: 

    •    To help dance ministries best witness to the unsaved through dance, and to edify
          God’s Kingdom, by enhancing the praise and worship experience for the church
    •    To promote the development of an intimate relationship with God through praise &
    •    To share, encourage, edify and lift up dance ministers functioning in the body of      
    •    To provide ongoing training, support and resources for dance ministers that will help
          them continually mature as leaders over their respective ministries.
    •    To transform people into leaders that can submit, support and complement the
          authority of their church and direct a group with authority, compassion, confidence
          and commitment.

We hope you enjoy our website, why not look at the services we offer or get in touch.

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Network Objectives...

the national liturgical dance network uk has many objectives to carry out its missions and they are to:


    •    Unite those who minister in dance, across denominational barriers.
    •    Build corporate and individual support for dance ministry leadership.
    •    Help dance ministries develop necessary leadership skills to operate effectively and efficiently within the church
         with integrity, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
    •    Provide spirit filled leadership that will set precedent, create a model and establish a standard for dance
    •    Share the tools of effective dance ministry, including issues of integrity that cannot be compromised.
    •    Engage in an exchange of ideas and information that would identify best practices in ministry leadership.
    •    Foster relationships that will ultimately strengthen the body of Christ
    •    Promote praise and worship of God through dance for all congregants of the church. 

Benefits Of Participation...


    •    Group/individual support from those working under the same banner within Christ – dance ministry.
    •    Nurture fellowship among dance ministries.
    •    Practical training and counsel on a regular basis.
    •    Constant building of leadership skills.


The National Liturgical Dance Network UK provide a wide range of services, here are just some of the services we can provide:

    •    Facilitate meetings / services to incorporate Praise and Worship of God through dance.
    •    Provide individual support for dance ministry leadership through practical training and counsel on a regular basis.
    •    Facilitate workshops, seminars and conferences to help enable church leaders, dance ministers to develop and
         extend their understanding of liturgical dance.
    •    Provide an opportunity to engage in an exchange of ideas and information that would identify best practices in
         ministry leadership.



Pilgrim Sacred Dancers...


The Pilgrim Sacred Dancers consists of Dawn Benjamin, Lillieth Miller, Marcia O’Connor and Sharon Harris. They are all active members of The Pilgrim Church in Nottingham where they worship and minister in various offices. The Pilgrim Praise Dancers, consisting of many young people are also based at this church.

The Pilgrim Sacred Dancers formed in April 2006, soon after Dawn attended a Praise and Worship Conference in Washington D.C where she witnessed the awesome power of liturgical dance as a praise and worship tool. After much prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit, within 3 months the Pilgrim Sacred Dancers ministered their first dance together at their local church, an experience that has totally changed their lives.

Dawn Benjamin is NLDN UK Director and has completed several training programmes organised by NLDN to develop a greater understanding of worship in dance. All have travelled to various parts of America, some to Holland to receive additional training which has assisted to equip them for their various roles and responsibilities.

BBC Article

BBC Article

The Pilgrim Sacred dancers provide support to every network member within the UK and to various places of worship, who wish to start a dance ministry. They all travel around the country to assist with NLDN practices, seminars, training, conferences and workshops. Lillieth is Assistant Director and takes the lead with Sign, Miriam Worship Dancers (Limited Movement), prayer and bible study. Marcia is responsible for worship garments providing guidance to all and leads with social events. Sharon is lead choreographer locally and nationally and is also responsible for NLDNUK youths

BBC Article

BBC Article

The Pilgrim Sacred Dancers continue to have a passion to worship God in dance and with the support of NLDN nationally and worldwide, have established a dance ministry which includes youth, women and men of all ages. Our oldest worshipper in dance is currently aged 77years old.

Pilgrim Sacred Dancers, together with other members of NLDNUK have travelled, around the country hosting praise and worship events in dance which has demonstrated how this can be used as an evangelism tool. It has also unified worshippers and have assisted in restoring dance back into God’s house as an integral part of worship.

Nottingham monthly network rehearsals are led by Pilgrim Sacred Dancers and takes place on the last Wednesday of each month from 6.30-8.30pm. Venue, Queens Walk Community Centre, Houseman Gardens, The Meadows, Nottingham, NG2 2DF. These sessions are used to teach local and international network dances in preparation of forthcoming events and for sharing with own local churches.


NLDN Membership...

Becoming a Network member enables individuals and groups to benefit from - and contribute to, the NLDN Mission & Objectives.

The network hosts various outreach events, activities including technique classes, meetings, conferences and celebrations to share God's Word, promote fellowship, spiritual enrichment - and fun! You will receive group/individual support, practical training, counsel and choreography that is ministered with other Network members throughout the world.

There are also opportunities for networking, sharing and supporting each other which often produces many mutual benefits.

The network also offers an online Biblical development programme and choreography classes via teleconference calls and live video streaming.


To find out your local NLDNUK representative please send an e-mail to



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