For nine months, worshippers from around the world will participate in remote dance classes and biblically based discussions about worship and arts best practices, life application, praise and prayer that results in their response to the Great Commission, Matthew 28.


As worshippers we are to forever grow in the knowledge of Christ and gain more wisdom and understanding as to our purpose and God’s plan for our lives. So whether or not you are a member of a branch of the body, you are welcomed to study to show yourself approved of your calling, unto the Lord,


The passion and purpose of the training program is for ordained clergy to share best practices to implement inside churches, minister together outside of churches, and stay connected as the body of Christ so we can grow in God’s grace TOGETHER. Every joint supplieth so the best way to live out our commission is to learn, live and love as one body in Christ.


Number: 0330 998 1214
Access: 501730#


To strongly ENCOURAGE to extend their harvest hands to invite dance, pageantry &  mime ministers:

  • To pray - 6:30AM - 6:50AM
  • To listen and review Liturgical lectures available 24 hours
  • To join monthly conference calls

Review a scripture and direct prayer for 15 minutes. We intercede for leadership, ourselves, family/friends, the church, community, nation and the world. Silent witnesses (not speaking) are welcomed.

You are encouraged to purchase an international phone card or use any free call apps available on mobile phone to make calls to America to listen to lectures.


Number: 0330 998 1214
Access: 501730#

On the 1st Wednesday of each month at 9.30pm-10.30pm UK members will have a conference call to share lessons learned and seek clarity on any issues from listening to the playback. This will be hosted by Dawn Benjamin.  Rev Eyesha Marable and any other designated speaker for the topic covered will also be on this call to answer any queries.

To engage in regular Self-care: Movement ministry, pampering rescources and rest.

  • To attend monthly network practices in your area

  • Two hours per week is to be spent on self-care which could include weekly dance practices, technique classes, gym, study, pampering and rest. Members are encouraged to keep a reflective diary of their journey through the 9 months of PUSH. This will help to ensure regular self-care is addressed.

To Evangalize: touching humanity with harvest hands to share the love of God .

  • Participate in NLDNUK Evangelism events at Easter or Pentecost or Advent

  • Attend UK Conference and International when possible. 

  • Other local outreach events

If you would like more information on this programme, please contact Dawn on 0115 822 4735

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