Conference Information


To register, download the ‘Registration’ form complete and return the completed form via e-mail to or by postal service to address on form.

Online payments can be made on the Store Page, cheques are also accepted and are to be made to ‘The National Liturgical Dance Network UK’ and sent together with the completed registration form.



Registration will commence at 3.30pm on Thursday 10th August 2017 in the Activity Hall where you will be provided with details of your room allocation. Those participating in the workshop will receive their conference pack which will also include their t-shirt and wristband. Those who are not participating in the workshops will not be provided with a conference pack. However, you are welcome to purchase a conference t-shirt for £10 and a conference glossy booklet for £3.00. If you wish to purchase any of these items, you must inform us urgently and we will ensure your requested items are ready for when you arrive.

Evening meal which will be served at 5.30pm in the dining room. If you are unable to arrive before 5.30pm, please let us know as soon as possible.
Conference opening night praise and worship praise will commence at 7.15pm in The McKenzie Hall. Registration will therefore close until after the service.
All food and refreshments will be provided by the centre. There are tea making facilities in the kitchenettes in all of the lodges. Vending machines are available in the reception area, but feel free to bring your own personal favourite drinks and snacks. Also please bring your own, labelled water bottles to be used during workshops.

All beddings including duvet, pillows and sheets for single beds are also provided, but feel free to bring your own if you wish. Each room can accommodate up to 5 people with bunk beds. However, we will try to allocate between 2 (if a couple) to 4 people in each room. However, you are required to bring your own towels and toiletries.

dress | attire

During workshop sessions please wear loose fitting clothes such as non-revealing long shirts and tracksuit bottoms. Revealing leggings, leotards, tights, tank tops, halters, or hip hugging shorts are not appropriate forms of dress during this conference. Please wear appropriate foot wear for comfort and flexibility, according to your daily schedule. Outdoor footwear will be required for ministering on Saturday.
Jewellery should also be kept to a bare minimum wedding/engagement rings, studs and watches. Please remove all necklaces, bracelets and large earrings. These can become tangled up within an arm of a fellow delegate, specifically in a movement class and cause injury to the one wearing the jewellery.
If you have worship garments, feel free to wear them during evening services on Thursday and Friday evening.

On the last day of the conference Saturday 12th August, workshop participants are required to wear the conference t-shirt provided and black tracksuit/jogging bottoms or loose leggings.


We will have a number of vendors in the reception area of the conference centre displaying a number of items which include worship garments, flags, paintings, cards and unique towels. To avoid disappointment, ensure you have extra funds to purchase items.

MEDICAL & liability form

The National Liturgical Dance Network and its members cannot be held liable for any injury or other mishaps during the course of the conference. If you have a medical condition that may affect your ability to take part in the workshops, please seek medical advice beforehand and make your facilitator aware. We therefore request you complete our disclaimer form and return to the registration team immediately.

All participants age 17 and younger must have the written parental consent in order to participate in this conference.

photographs & recordings

The National Liturgical Dance Network have identified their own official photographers and recording company who will be working during the course of the conference. We would like to use some of the images in printed publications that we produce as well as on our website as we spread the word of this important and exciting ministry.

Before using any of these materials, we are seeking your permission as we comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. For those ages 17 and under, we will require your parents’ permission.

social media

For safeguarding please refrain from uploading videos and pictures on Facebook, YouTube and any other social media without the appropriate agreement from NLDNUK management team.

All delegates are advised to make their own way to the conference centre. Those who are driving, if you have any spare seats in your car, and in a position to take a passenger, please let us know.
 If you are struggling to get to the conference centre, please let us know in advance and we will assist in getting you there and home.

workshop groups

Every delegate will be assigned to a group they feel most suited. The groups will remain in their allocated room and the facilitators will rotate to lead the various workshops.


This group will have a wide range of abilities. Most would have experienced being part of a dance ministry, whilst for others this would be a new experience for them. Where necessary, leaders may have to split the group according to abilities.


This group is largely for women who have some dance experience, possibly as part of a ministry group or in personal worship. Dance leaders in particular would benefit from learning new choreography which can be taught to the group they manage. All would benefit from learning different styles of dance which can also be used in public worship. Participants need to be of a good level of fitness.

young adults:
(Ages 16 - 25 years)

All would benefit from learning different styles of dance which can also be used in public worship. Participants need to be of a good level of fitness.


For women of all ages, who prefer movement/dance at a slower pace. Some may have very limited experience in dance or just starting to dance in public. The workshops will encourage participants to identify their own limitation in movement and utilise their abilities to worship in dance.


For boys and men of all ages, fitness and abilities. An opportunity to get together to discuss and explore their role within the ministry in dance. They will have the opportunity to challenge myths around boys/men and dance, identify their own skills and be taught choreography which can be used for either personal or public worship.