West African and Contemporary Facilitators: Rev Eyesha and Honor Marable

This workshop is all about Restoring your joy and peace by engaging in warfare PRAISE. We will explore the Word of God and look at the significance of spiritual warfare and the power of praise. The choreography taught will include prayer using pageantry, West African and modern dance moves to prepare us for total restoration. This workshop is designed for Genesis and Miriam together. Youth will have separate session.

Indian Classical Dance – Facilitator: Shrimathi Susanna Harrington

"I praise you because I am fearfully & wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139

Shrimathi Susanna is one of the few westerners to have studied Bharatanatyam, a beautiful classical dance style from Southern India. She is unique in that she uses Bharatanatyam to express Christian rather than the traditional Hindu themes associated with art form. This exciting and fun workshop aims to reveal the beauty of Asian gestures through exquisite and precise hand movements and the key postures of Bharatanatyam. Taking inspiration from Psalm 24 v 7-10 "Lift up your heads, O you gates; be lifted up you ancient doors, that the king of glory may come in." The workshop will inspire creativity through expressive gestures and foot rhythms. This workshop is suitable for anyone, no previous experience is required. 

Prophetic Demonstrations in Movement – Facilitator:  Sentheia McLeod

This class is for dance, flag, and Mime ministers. (Any movement artists or worshippers of all ages)


In this class the worship artist will learn the meaning of the prophetic in scripture and explore evangelism using prophetic movement and songs.

This class will teach the scriptural foundation for the prophetic and how to listen for the move of God in prophetic worship."


Ballet – Facilitator: Marita Young for Adults - Judah Marable for Youth

This workshop involves basic ballet techniques, including the different positions of feet and arm movements. Guidance will be provided on moving through dance movements gracefully, which will enhance choreography in liturgical dance. Participants will be taught to improve strength, poise and flexibility.


Choreography Facilitator: Yolanda Rountree


This workshop is suitable for all. It is designed to provide the basic key principles required when choregraphing any dance. Participants will then be encouraged to explore scriptures and dance techniques to tell their story through worship dance movements.


This class will give a hands-on opportunity to develop and learn new choreography.


Creative Art of MimeFacilitator: Rhema Mime

Mime is the art of storytelling through facial expressions, body movements and gestures.  The creative art of Mime brings a story to life. 

This workshop is a mixture of teaching, activities and choreography.  The teaching session will be on the history of mime, mime in the bible, why the face paint and the importance of facial expressions. The theoretical background of mime will give participants a clearer understanding of the ministry of mime. Choreography will incorporate the different facial expressions and exaggerated gestures and movements, which will help deliver the gospel message in a manner that even the unchurched person can relate to and understand.

Contemporary Dance Facilitator: Judah Marable

Judah has been teaching dance in the UK since he was 8 years old. He is a trained classical ballet/modern dancer, a powerful and energetic dancer and choreographer.  Judah now leads R.O.A.R (Reclaiming Our Adolescent Righteousness) Dance Ministry whose members are from New Jersey.

This year Judah will be teaching multiple dance techniques to the young people and Men in ministry classes.

Tambourine – Facilitator: Burton Timbrell Group

The class is designed to give those attending an insight into how a tambourine can be used and played to enhance praise and worship. Whilst a lot of people may be familiar with a tambourine simply being shaken, the group we were originally a part of were taught to play rhythms using our hands to hit the tambourine in various ways, creating shapes (for example a diamond and triangle)and different beats and sounds ( using our thumbs on the skin instead of our hands). We added to what we were taught our own rhythms to create different combinations designed to add interest to our playing. We aim for this class to be fun and enjoyable and hopefully teach those attending a few basic rhythms which they can play to a short praise song. Please come prepared to have a go!

Pageantry – Facilitator: Monica Reagor

Come and partake in an impactful and powerful session of flags, processionals, and pageantry. We will explore the Word of God to gain a greater understanding of the importance and significance of pageantry and processions to the Kingdom of God. During this session, you will also learn to marry biblical principles and practical applications to bring the Word to God to life and shift an atmosphere using pageantry.

Come expecting to:

·                   Discover Biblical references of processionals and expression of pageantry throughout the Bible

·                   Learn the proper use of high flags & various worship tools in pageantry

·                   How to use pageantry & processional effectively during a prophetic encounter